Friday, July 07, 2006

Photo gallery Software

I have been looking into OpenSource photo gallery software. I am a little frustrated by the limitations of FrontPage for publishing my photographs. I would like to just tag my images from the Windows browser and say "publish". I want a thumbnail-drive front page for each section with a variety of viewers (matrix, filmstrip, montage) that can be customized with the FireFox View/Page Style menu. My friend Liela Tite recommended Coppermine. I also ran into these two: Gallery Project - based on the Drupel web content management system. 4Image - which is a system written in Germany. Since the 4Image site was written in German I had a more difficult time trying to find a list of all the features. Both the gallery and Coppermine systems seemed very full-featured. Let me know if anyone has suggestions. A Wikipedia feature-comparison would be very helpful. Perhaps I should start one? :-) OK, OK, I will...

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