Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ant Image Tasks

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Apache Ant has a large library of image processing tasks under the optional Ant tasks. For example, the following will create a folder of thumbnail images for all the images in a folder:

This creates thumbnails of the images and make sure they all fit within the 160x160 size whether the image is portrait or landscape. Very cool! Check out the Ant manual for more information: (Ant tasks/Optional Tasks/Image) This makes me think that you could use Apache ant to do basic photo publishing. It would make thumbnails, a layout page that has links to the thumbnails and ftp the folder's web-resized images to a web server. I have also found that there are some nice photo-layout CSS pages. It would seem that it should be easy to add a set of CSS styles that could be changed using the FireFox "Page Style" option. I would be happy to write a basic ant task and an XML transform to create an HTML page of all the images in an image set if anyone wants to help. What about image keywords and captions? Should each photo have its own photo metadata? What if you want to change the file name of a photo? How can the metadata file stay in sync with the file system? Could you use a subversion-tortoiseSVN-like Any ideas?

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