Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Problems with WebDAV on Vista 64bit

Does anyone have any suggestions on a good reliable WebDAV product for Vista 64bit? I can not get the one that is bundled with Vista to work. Every time I try to create a remote connection I get the following error message:

"The folder you entered does not appear to be valid"

I have run the Vista WebDAV patches:


I have also tried the following Hotfix:

Windows Vista WebDAV Hotfix

I have also tried to get various 3rd party packages working such as Independent DAV, BitKinex and WebDrive. All of the WebDAV products seem to have problems with the Windows Vista 64 bit systems. Is there any way to get Vista to use the Windows XP WebDAV "drivers"? I am using both eXist and MarkLogic native XML databases. Thanks - Dan

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Michael Ryan said...

I can't comment on the other products, but WebDrive will work fine with 64-Bit Vista (one of our engineers runs V64 as his primary development environment).

Based on the error you are seeing from Vista, it sounds as if the folder you are pointing to might not have DAV services enabled for it. Some DAV servers will disable DAV services on, say, the root URL, but enable DAV on subdirectories (our GroupDrive WebDAV server has this feature).

I would recommend double-checking the URL you are using to access the WebDAV server to make sure it's the fully qualified path to the DAV folder. If you are using WebDrive and still have trouble, submit a support ticket through our helpdesk ( and someone from our team will respond.

Good Luck!