Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Penguin, The Fox, The Weasel and the Elephant

Once upon a time there were four animals that lived in a magical “Land of Bew”: The Penguin, the Fox, the Weasel and the Elephant.

Each animal had their own way of looking at the world. Penguin and Fox loved to share their ideas.

Weasel also had lots of interesting ideas but he was afraid that if he shared too many ideas his owners would be worried.

Elephant always seemed to be around everywhere but didn’t pick up new ideas very fast.

In the Land of Bew most of the animals got along pretty well with each other. Fox played Penguin’s house and Fox played at Weasel’s house.

Unfortunately the Elephant was not allowed to play at the Penguin’s house. It was not that Elephant was mean, its just that Elephant’s owners were somewhat controlling.

The Land of Bew was blessed with special magic books. These books that allowed the reader to press on special words and pictures in the books and suddenly new pages would magically appear. The children of Bew loved the books and always wanted more.

But some of the books were very hard to make. Especially if you wanted nice moving and dancing pictures that children could change.

To make dancing pictures you had to use special type of black magic that sometimes got the animals in trouble. Goblins would sometimes used the black magic and cause havoc in the Land of Bew. ( I would tell you more about the horrible things Goblins did with the black magic but this IS a children’s story.)

One day Penguin and Fox found a new way of making dancing books that animals could use in magical ways without using the dangerous black magic. Fox tried it out and it worked very well.

But when they suggested their ideas to Elephant, Elephant said no. Elephant was worried that even kids would be able to make the dancing books. And she worried that all her friends would stop playing with Weasel and spend all their time over at Penguins house.

And although the story is not over…this is where our story ends. The ending is being written by you.

Want to try to make some dancing books?

Try XForms today and see if you can make your web applications dance without using any nasty JavaScript! And try to keep those Goblins out. OK?

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